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Candle Burning Ritual

Available Services



This is a a 1 hour journey into the realm of spirit,with a loved one who crossed over to the Other Side. This is where you will find out how they are doing, what it's like there for them and any messages of love or guidance they have for you.

Tarot Reading Expanded


These  reading are more in depth using 9-12 cards and we delve into your past, present and higher self. We learn what family ties have taught us, what our inner conscience expects of us, plus we learn about lessons and receive advice to help you move forward.

Psychic Reading


This is a session where I connect soul to soul with you to learn about your past. I incorporate a meditation with you where you can meet with your own spirit guides or arch angels, to form a connection with the divine world with them so that they can help guide you in the right direction on your life journey.

Animal Communication Contact


This is an hour long conversation with your animal to find out how they are doing. I can find out if he is happy and adjusting to a new home after being adopted, or if there is any issues you need concerned about

Tarot Reading Introduction


These are  what appears to be  simple 3-6-card spreads that really delves deeper into the past, present and future...and where you need to go to be the best possible you!

Animal Communication Missing


Your cat or dog has gone missing! What do I do? I've got posters up but she's been gone for a long time.and Im worried something has happened to her. Is this foul proof? No. Can I guarantee I can bring her back? Unfortunately not. But I can communicate with her, and let her know that you love her and you are waiting for her to return with love.

Tarot By Email


A 6-Card Spread. Past, present, future, what needs to be left in the past to help you move forward,, how to enhance your present life, and how to move forward to get your best possible future.

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