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Why Choose ME to Be Your Animal Communicator?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Why choose anyone for a certain job?

One of the reasons might have to do with experience of course, something very important for ost people, while money might be an issues for others.

For me, personally, yes, I want experience, and because I know what it's like to live on a budget, money is very important to me as well!

But most importantly, I need someone with whom I can connect with on a deeper level; a person who I can share a cerain rapport with, not just all business. A professional, yes, but someone who has compassion and shares my empathetic nature.

I've always maintained a high standard of professionalism in whatever I've done over the past 45 years, but I've also been a personable and amicable soul as well.

I've been a nanny, worked with seniors, waitressed, ran a résumé writing business and yes, I was even in sales! Top 5 every week in my department. But do you know what I was mostly known for? My great Customer Service -with 117 written commendations!

To this day that is my biggest win! I still have a ribbon with all my pins on it! From 1994-1998.

Why is this so important to me?

Why should you choose ME, to connect to your animals?

Am I the very best? No. Am I the most expensive? No.

But I give you the very best of ME. The very best service that comes from a loving heart. I know how important your family members are to you. I've been there.

I came from a very warm, loving family who instilled in me the importance of the heart. Everything came from the heart. Whatever you did, you did with love, compassion and respect for every sentient being. And that included doing your very best for the animals around you.

I was the girl who cried for lost cats, called the humane society to protect a dog who was chained up outside in the pouring rain, and, along with my brother, I was the one who put a tiny mouse to rest to put it out of its torture of an agonizing death.

I've been with animals when they have crossed over, I have looked for missing animals, and I have helped people find peace in just knowing their animals are loved and safe.

So Why ME?

Because I LOVE deeply.

Please check out this free video from Nancy Windheart, a well-known Animal Communicator from the United States.

Again we are not affiliated in anyway, nor does she endorse my business; however, we share the love of animals and the amazing infinity which, with everyone is capable of sharing.

In this video and post, Nancy talks about 5 things to think about when choosing a professional animal communicator.

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