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What is a Medium?

Updated: May 3, 2023

A medium is a person who becomes a conduit, or an interpreter between a sitter and a spirit -a spirit is a person or animal who have crossed over, after dying. I don't call it dying. Energy does not transforms from one state to another and we are all made up of energy.

There are 2 main categories of Mediumship that branch off from this into types of Mediumship. The 2 categories are Mental & Physical Mediumship. The majority of Mediums practice mental. Physical is very powerful and must be monitored. With Mental Mediumship there is no physical transformation, as its all processed through the brain, whereas, physical Mediumship is more intense and physical manifestations, such as face changing & ectoplasm (yes you read that correct!) can be present.

I only practice Mental Mediumship.

Even Mental Mediumship has types, however, Evidential, psychic and trance.

Evidential Mediumship is where a medium brings in the possibility of 11 different pieces of the spirit's life to the sitter. Age & physical features of a person, their vocation, hobbies, memories, cars and yes even their personalities!

Psychic Mediumship is where a medium connects with the soul of the sitter and not actually a spirit through memories.

Trance mediumship is when a spirit blends with the soul of a medium and uses only the voice and body to do the talking. The Mediumship voice may or may not change, and there might be movement such as giving the movement such as smoking. This can be hilarious.

I do evidential Mediumship. I have done psychic Mediumship as well but I've only been a spectator thus far in trance. I understand it's a blending of soul and spirit and not a possession, but I have not gone into a deep enough meditative state yet to achieve trance.

I generally get an age, a physical description, memories and personality and there's always at least one message...

I've been reading for almost a year now. Am I perfect? No. Do I know a medium who is perfect? No. Not even TV mediums get everything 100% of the time!

Come to me with openness and love, no expectations and you will leave feeling better than how you came in! Maybe even happier & wiser!

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