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Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have been around for a very long time. Though they reached popularity (infamously) in the Victorian Era when Christianty was in full force and ruled everything from the church to politics, their are stories going back to Egyptian times!

I've always found tarot fascinating, although I never gave them much thought until the fall of 2023 when I reprogrammed my brain to accept the mystical world of the psychic and accepted the fact that all sentient beings are born with this gift -we've just learned (or been programmed by well-meaning influences) to disregard such an extraordinary part of ourselves.

When I first studied tarot, I struggled with memorizing numbers and the meaning of the cards. I still don't rely solely on these aspects while reading. Instead I looked around and found courses that concentrated more on using your own intuition and your spirit guides to guide you with your readings. I excel at this. Give me your name and Location and I can get a formidable reading that will knock your socks off!

I recently took another tarot reading course, and although, admittingly I am still learning the card meanings, I have greatly improved.

When I give any readings I enclose pictures of the cards I pulled just for YOU (I don't believe in pulling for a group because it's not personalized, though it will resonate with some people on a somewhat psychic level due to generalized verbiage), and I talk about what I see in the pictures and the cards.

The way I read is through energy and vibration from my psychic abilities to pick up on a person individually. The first email readings I gave in my FREE Tarot readings for signing up to my newsletter, I was doubtful about. How on Earth could anyone get a reading from a simple email? Surprise! All my readings were spot on.


Because it's all about the transmission/ transference of one person's energy to another person's energy. That's all it is. You get on the same frequency (just like tuning into a particularstation on a radio) to another sentient being (including animals, trees & plants) and the 'magic' begins.

It's totally awesome. If you haven't tried to connect to another living being, I suggest you give it a whirl!

Please reach out to me for any enquiries.

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