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Animal Communication

My job as an Animal Communicator is to be intermediary between a guardian and their beloved animal. I've communicated with cats, dogs, horses, ducks and even baby chicks. They tell me their favourite foods, toys and yes even issues they have with their humans! Including personal things so come prepared! The communication is done through telepathy. Another form of energy transmission just as talking with spirits, or picking up energy from tarot cards.

When an animal goes missing its an extremely difficult time for everyone involved. My best advice is hire an animal communicator in the very beginning (like Maggie, Gussy's Mom in her review comments), because the sooner the better. The longer an animal is in the wild the quicker they adapt to their Survival Mode. It's in innate instinct that protects them every single day. And don't underestimate house animals! They adapt well. Afterall, dogs and cats were wild at one point in history. It is INSTINCT. The longer they are in the wild the easier it becomes to survive brutal condemns and adapt to a life without human family.

Don't get me wrong, they won't forget you but survival becomes more important. Humans are no different. In the same instance we'd turn feral too. Just look what the isolation of Covid has done to some people. We become more instinctional. All living beings have a survival mode.

Now I'm sorry, but I can't guarantee to bring your animal home to you, but I can give you clues to where she is, and in some instances I can get them back into your neighborhood. Unfortunately, animals have free will, just like us humans, and the longer they are away from their beloved home, the easier it becomes to adapt so well to their new life and sometimes they actually enjoy their freedom! It's a sad state of affairs but, although rare, it does happen. Releasing them is often the most loving thing you can do for them.

The reason I charge higher prices on missing animals is because the return doesn't happen overnight. At $50/an hour the money adds up quickly. Sure an hour seems like a long time, sometimes it can be. Usually it's only 1 or 2 days of communication! I talk to the animal, write it all down and send the guardian all the information I get after editing. That takes time and effort. I don't claim my payment lightly. I'm willing to work with you. The Animal comes first!

The very first hour we meet, I do communicate with your animal and provide evidence that there is an established connection. If I don't connect, then it ends there. Sometimes animals don't cooperate, however, they always make that first contact.

If you have any questions please contact me directly at

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