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Hear it from clients


C.D Ontario, Canada
Catherine is a gifted medium who channelled my mom who had recently passed and my best friend who had passed several years prior. She captured the true essence of their personalities and by doing so, helped validate her connection with them. Some of the messages she brought were unexpected but they were beautiful and filled with love. I felt so deeply connected to my loved ones during our sessions. My experience can be described as intensely profound, and I was so grateful for this, as it also helped bring some needed closure. I highly recommend Catherine.
CB, Ontario

Psychic & Tarot
Niko, Greece
I have known Catherine for a few months now, and have had the privilege to a few online sessions with her.
Her tarot readings have always been precise and accurate. Much needed clarity was always received.
Her psychic readings always seem to go beyond my expectations. Catherine is highly intuitive, and possesses a genuine gift within the psychic realm
I highly recommend Catherine's services. You'll feel that pull to keep returning for I always do.
Niko - Greece

A.G. U.S
During a tarot or oracle card reading, Catherine will always lead with her heart-felt interpretations of the cards she is using. She has the ability to blend with the sitter and the card’s meaning for an insightful reading. It is always healing and “just what I needed to hear!”Catherine’s delivery of the card’s messages is a delight to witness! Such joy! Book a session and see for yourself! AG

Natasha. London, U.K
Catherine’s kind and gentle nature made my reading a truly positive and enlightening experience. Thank you for your insight and guidance. Natasha - London UK

Nancy A. From Ontario, Canada
Catherine is one of the best medium I’ve spoken to she has reached out about my dad how he like to play cards and what kinda of games he liked to play. She also picked up him smoking cigarettes. And she also picked up that magic runs in my family and that I have my own gift as well and now she’s helping me develop my own skills she is awesome I’m glad I got that opportunity.
Nancy Augusto

B.S.S from Kitchener, Canada
"I had a tarot card reading with Catherine. I made notes while we talked. Afterwards, I sat and looked at my notes and the big picture started to fall into place. Almost like the dots were connected. It made sense and it gave me peace. Thank you Catherine, you have a gift. B.S.S.

Liz N. From Ontario, Canada
Catharine is a gifted psychic medium with a calming presence. . She went beyond my expectations and gave me clarity of my life's purpose and she also had my pets come through to communicate with her. I would use her services again to gain clarity. Liz N

Lucia L. US
I enjoyed my reading with Catherine. She is highly intuitive and compassionate. Her reading was spot on. She saw everything around the questions I asked her. I highly recommend her. Lucia USA

Animal Communication
C.K. Ontario, Canada
I came to Cat when my cat simba was no where to be found. Cat was quick to respond and calmed me down since I’m such a worry wart. She was speaking to simba which led me to end up finding him

Animal Communication
Maggie S.C. Kitchener, Canada
If you live in the Kitchener Waterloo area you might be familiar with my search for my missing cat "Gussy". In this area I became known as Gussy's Mom.
He went missing on April 8, 2021 and for 17 months I followed every lead I received. I tracked him in various locations in the Stanley Park Area and had tried everything you can imagine, with the exception of an animal communicator.
I had many people suggest it, but I was extremely skeptical. Finally after a year of nothing working I decided maybe I would give an animal communicator a try.
To my surprise, she new things I didn't tell her and had never shared in my missing cat posts. Things only Gussy could have shared.
Catherine actually narrowed down his location and was able to guide him back to my neighborhood in the Chicopee area.
Unfortunately, my story didn't end with a happy ending, but I did get closure and I was able to say goodbye and tell him I loved him because of Catherine. He too was able to make sure we knew he loved us.
My one regret, not trying an animal communicator very early on in my search, when it was suggested. Maybe if I had, she would have been able to get him home before he got so feral and sick.
If you have a missing cat, I strongly recommend reaching out to Catherine. I can't promise she will get your fur baby home, but she might be able to get you some of the answers you need. There are no guarantees in life and this is no different, but it is an option to explore.
Forever in our hearts 💕 Gussy's Mom, Maggie

Judy S
Catherine’s intuitive tarot card reading helped remove any negative association I previously had with tarot readings. I loved her interpretations of the details in the images and she was accurate with how they fit into my current life situation. She gave great advice on my next steps, and I am left with an overwhelming feeling of clarity with what was shared. The cards she pulled for me were exactly what I needed to see…. it’s been days later and I am still left wit
h a lasting effect of what was shared. Thanks Catherine. Judy S.

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