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Hi Im Catherine

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Back to Basics?

"I have been a myriad of things in my life - a wife, a single mom, a salesperson - and now I am a medium! This new journey into the realm of spirits, tarot, and "talking to the animals" is a huge step for me.

I began my journey in 2022 when I came across a Reiki event and was immediately drawn to the energy healing modality. Little did I know where that would lead me a year later!

I took First and Second Degree Reiki with a brilliantly intuitive Reiki Master who taught me all about Reiki, chakras, and intuition. Upon finishing my Reiki Level 2, I felt different. One simple thing Brenda taught me was how to read my own aura. I thought this was so cool and stumbled across a Udemy course teaching more about Auras. Before I even started the course, I had read the instructor's aura. I did a lot of practice following the course, and while doing it, loved ones of those whose auras I was reading would suddenly appear and start talking to me. IT WAS AWESOME.

The next step in my journey was learning to communicate through telepathy with animals. After three courses, I started doing this, but I was still being guided for more.

I decided to take a course on mediumship. To be honest, I didn't even really know what a medium was at the time! I thought I was just doing psychic work! Lo and behold, after more courses (I love to learn and have many things on the go - I'm a Gemini!), I have since learned tarot, widely developed my psychic abilities such as psychometry (reading the energies of objects), and increased my connection to the realm of Angels and Spirits.

I'm also learning to read tea leaves!

If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to ask me. Just send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you and your loved ones."

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