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Catherine Lockyer

Medium, Psychic, Tarot & Telepathy 

Are you looking for spiritual guidance to find balance, clarity or purpose in life? Or maybe you want to speak with your beloved ones who have a spiritual conduit, I can help!

     Everything happens for a might just have to look for the silver lining harder sometimes to make sense of things.

-Catherine Frances Lockyer


About Me

A Spiritual Guide

I am from a small town called Hespeler (Cambridge), Ontario, Canada but have spent much of my life in the nearby city of Kitchener-Waterloo. Besides being a medium, I am also a psychic, an intuitive Animal Communicator as well as a Reiki Practitioner.

I do most of my work virtually at present through Zoom or email, so I can reach everyone around the world. Please feel free to contact me to learn more. I would pleased to answer any inquiries. 


Just remember... the gift of magic, is EVERYWHERE in life and the universe. One just needs to BELIEVE..

Our Services


Psychic and Mediumship Readings

This is a a 1 hour journey into the realm of spirit,with a loved one who crossed over to the Other Side. This is where you will find out how they are doing, what it's like there for them and any messages of love or guidance they have for you.


Tarot Reading

I read Tarot using my intuition and my connection with the cards. I have different spreads to take you through every aspect of your life. Love, day-to-day, planning and self-growth. You have the choice between many different desk and how many cards you would like from a vast selection.


Animal Communication

An hour long Conversation with your fury family member. Sick, lost or needing some gentle guidance. Connect with your recently adopted cat.

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Catherine is a gifted medium who channelled my mom who had recently passed and my best friend who had passed several years prior. She captured the true essence of their personalities and by doing so, helped validate her connection with them. 
CB, Ontario


I have known Catherine for a few months now, and have had the privilege to a few online sessions with her.
Her tarot readings have always been precise and accurate. Much needed clarity was always received.
Niko - Greece

Animal Communication 

I came to Cat when my cat simba was no where to be found. Cat was quick to respond and calmed me down since I’m such a worry wart. She was speaking to simba which led me to end up finding him.
C.K. Ontario, Canada

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